It was said that there are 54 towers with 216 faces of Avalokitesvara in Bayon temple,but only one of them is smiling.This Smiling face freezes the thousand of year's history and brilliance of Cambodia.

Nowadays, the Grand Epic performance- Smile of Angkor revives this glorious history and brings you back to the lost dynasty on stage.

"Smile of Angkor" is produced by Siem Reap(Cambodia)Performance &Arts Co.,Ltd that is the largest entertainment companies in Southeast Asia and is supported by Cambodia and Chinese Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts.Using huge LED,Laser show,water curtain,special stage smog,modern lighting and sound system,"Smile of Angkor" will make your eyes,your ears and your skin to feel the real culture of the great Angkor on stage.

"Smile of Angkor" is 75 minutes long and divided into sex chapters:"Dialog with God","Prosperous Dynasty",Revived Gods","Churning the Sea of Milk","Pray for lives",and "Smile of Angkor" .The performance contains the traditional Cambodia dance and culture,such as Shiva Dance,Apsara dance,Soldier dance,Peacock dance,Bathing dance,Monkey dance,Bokator(Khmer:ល្បុក្កតោ Cambodia fighting Skill) and Palace Candle dance.

The leading role is the top Cambodia dancers and the art director is deputy general director of Beijing Olympic Games 2008.These artists use their talent to make a dreaming and fantastic performance of Cambodia culture.In 2011,Smile of Angkor,Angkor Wat,Kulen Mountain,Beng Mealea,and Tonle Sap Lake are recommended to be the most worth traveling in Siem Reap by Cambodia Ministry of Tourism.

Smile of Angkor is not only make a great achievement in Cambodia culture and arts,but make a great contribution to Cambodia people too.In Smile of Angkor ,ninety percent of the dancers are Cambodian.Some of them are orphans,some of their relatives are victim of landmine.Smile of Angkor offer them a job,train two Cambodia orphan Schools to support these poor children by donation.Watching Smile of Angkor,you not only can enjoy the real culture of Cambodia,but also you can help Cambodia people too.

After you watch"Smile of Angkor" for sure something will be left in your heart.It is touched feeling a nice memory,or a new understanding of the Smiling face in Angkor Wat.