Rattanakiri province is located in the northeast of Cambodia,588km.from the capital,Phnom Penh.The population of the province is 149997(according to a 2008 census).It covers an area of about 10,782square km.Rattanakiri is a region rich in natural beauty and is home to sevral ethnic hill tribe minority groups.Tourists are able to visit local communities and experience firsthand the everyday life,traditions,customs and rituals of the indigenous people.

The provincial town of Rattanakiri is Ban Lung,nestled on a highland plateau surrounded by mountain,valleys,waterfalls and volcanic lakes.The population of Ban Lung is 19,412 including some ethnic groups living on the uotskirts of town.In the center of town is a large market where local people carry out their daily trade.All of the local products such as fruit,vegetables,fish,chickents and ducks,as well as home make products and forestry items can be found in this market.All of the local agriultural products are purely organic (except for some imports from Phnom Penh).The market opens is very early in the morning when hill tripe people can still be seen delivering their wares to the various market stalls.A memorable experience for tourists is to see the sunrise over the Phnom Svay and then go to visit and explore the busiest time at Rattanakiri market when farmers and local tradersdo business.It's a fascinating market with many kinds of different pruducts and strange food,thing that you won't find anyplace else,Local organic fruit costs much less than other places in Cambodia.