Vihear Sor Sor Mouy Rouy is a pagoda well-known for its history and as a place of pilgrimage for residents of Kratie.Vihear Sor Sor Mouy Rouy meaning "temple with 100 colmns"was first built in the 16th century by King Chann Reachea.The Pagoda included 100 wooden colmns to commemorate the memory of his daughter Vorakpheak.

The Pagoda islocated in Sambor town,36Km from get there,take the old Road No7 along the river bank 24Km to Sandan Village and continue northward 12Km by the river Road to Sambo.


In the 16th century,King Chann Reachea reigned over the country and lived in the former capital city of Oudong.He had a daughter named Vorakpheak.Once the daughter was ill,he commanded his servants to invite the head of Buddhist monastery at Neak Sen Pagoda (located at Chrouy Banteay Commune Prek Prasop district) to cure his daughter's illness.While the head of the monk was absent from the pagoda,Nen Thun his favorite student who learnt white magic spell secretly,and then he was magiclly transformed into a crocodile called "Crocodile Nen Thun".When the teacher returned,Nen Thun had become a crocodile and could not turn to be a human being.Then he always took his teacher on his back to cure the king's daughter.One day,a mighty crocodile called Sppor Kaley,that wanted to Challenge with Nen Thun,sptopped Nen Thun while he was carrying his teacher on the way back from the palace.The two crocodiles then started fighting.As Nen Thun could not find way to save his teacher,he decided to swallow his teacher into his stomach to keep safe for a while.The fighting lasted 3 days and 3 night,and finally Sopor Kaley was defeated and the died and suddenly turn into a mountain presently called Sorpor Kaley.When Nen Thun threw out his teacher from his stomach,he was already dead,Nen Thun was very sorry and determined to kill him king's daughter because he thought that she was the causeof his teacher's death.Nen Thun swam quietly and suddenly swallowed the king's daughter who was playing at the Royal Palace Port.King Chann Reachea commanded his confidants to follow Nen Thun until they reached the place now known as Sambor caught crocodile(Nen Thun)there and cut open the crocodile's stomach to get the King's daughter out.The king decided to bury her corpse in Sambor and build a 100-column pagoda to dedicate to the spirit of his daughter.