Phnom Sar Sear is a fabulous natural and cultural resort situated at a distance of 14km.from the provincial town of Kampot.Phnom Sar Sear consists of three small mountain spread across a total land area of approximately 1.5 squrare kilometers.The mountain rises to a height of around 40 meters.Tourists can visit the mountain caves here.Among the caves, the cave of Phnom Ach Pro Chiev and partifularly,the cave of Phnom Dam Rey Sar,are the most well known ones.Here you will find a great architecture of Viel Sre inside.

On the mountain top of Phnom Sar Sear,you will find a colorful stupa built in 1964 by the princess Rasmey Sou Phoan.The stupa is a holy worshipping place where it is believed the cremated ash of the Buddha are kept. On the mountain top are sweeping views of rice fields,forests,local villages,islands and the vast sea.The mountain is also a worshipping place for people who come here to pray.