The Tek Chhu Resort,Kampot is a well known tourist attraction in Kampot in Cambodia.Kampot is a small town in the country of Cambodia.This town is a known tourist destination in this country.It is renowned for its limestone caves and other sightseeing spots which are worth visiting.This town is visited by several vacationers and holiday makers who visit this country from all parts of the globe.You will have a good time exploring the beauty of this region.The Tek Chhou Resort,Kampot is a good place to hang out with you family when you are in Kampot in Cambodia.

The Tek Chhou Resort in Kampot is a popular picnic place close to the town.This spot is just 8Km drive away from the Kampot town.The Tek Chhou Resort is set on the Prek Chha River .This resort in Kampot is famous among the local peoplel.On weekends you will find the Tek Chhou Resort In Kampot very crowded.People in the nearby region enjoy spending their time.The cool river breeze will refresh you and will make your trip to this place a pleasant experience.

Near the Tek Chhou Resort in Kampot you will find various stall.These stalls generally sell drinks and food is decent and fresh.Verious local as well as inernational cuisines are on offer at these stalls.

There is a small zoo near the Tek Chhou Resort in Kampot.Many animals and birds are kept here in enclosures.You can go with your family and friends ande visit this zoo.Your kids will simply love watching animals at such a close distance.

Transportation in Kampot is also conveniently available.You will find several modes of transportation which will take you to the Tek Chhou Resort in Kampot in no time.The roads leading to this resort are very good.You can take a car on rent and drive down to this place or hope onto various buses which play to the Tek Chhou Resort Kampot.