Kampong Trach, Kampot is another spot of tourist attraction when you are going for sightseeing trips in Kampot.Kampong Trach,Kampot is a district that borders Vietnam.When you take a trip from Kampot to Kampong Trach,Kampot,which is a town you would pass through various picturesque rural areas.This Kampong Trach,Kampot is full of history.There is a new side road going past the Kampong Trach town that basically passes through the base of Phnom Voar which is a place where the hostage kidnap ped by the Khner Rouge people during 1994.These mountainous areas of Kmpong Trach,Kampot are one of the areas which the Khmer group used as one of their last frontiers.

To go to Kampong Trach,Kampot you have to take the Kep road and then take the left from the white horse Monument and then follow the road to Kampong Trach.Though after few kilometers the road becomes a badly broken one and the side road becomes a dirt road after you go for 7 kilometers passing the white horse Monument.

The town of Kampong Trach,Kampot is a small one but still offers enough attractions to the tourists.Here you would find verious limestone caves and thus a small enclosed jungle has been formed in the area.In the caves you would find various pagodas and caves which are excellent sightseeing attractions.Therefore,do not forget to bring a flashlight and always a pair of good walking shoes.

You would find various small mountain wells at the foot of the mountain in Kampong Trach,Kampot.These are worshipped by not only the local Cambodians but also the Chinese and the Vietnamese people.One of the wells is about 30 meters in diameter and here you would find soil in seven different colors.The other smaller wells have stones which look like animal figures.The large well has a trench which leads to the Viel Sre Mouy Roy and Thma Dos wells other famous ones in Kampong Trach in Kampot.Thus on your trip to Kampot you should not miss the opportunity of visiting the Kampong Trach,Kampot.