Many people enjoy eating Khmer noodles as much as they like taking an evening stroll.In that case,sitting down for dinner in Phnom Penh may feel as comfortable as slipping on a pair of shoes.Noodles are best when served fresh,but their rich history gets better with time.Khmer noodles(Nom Banhchok are at least several centuries old.History buffs believe that a man named Thon Chey had served the Chinese King Khmer noodles when he was in China and was imprisoned for insulting the King's looks.Thon Chey was later released to return to Cambodia bringing along with him thousands of Chinese immigrant."The Chinese immigrated to Cambodia in the Third Century" according to Pon Chay, a senior Khmer lecturer,so that goes to show how long the Khmer noodles have been around.The noodles have grown in popularity both with locals and foreigners alike."it is a really delicious Khmer food" said B Stave, a Philippine national,with a noodle in his mouth." I like it and I always come here when I have free time." The appeal of Khmer noodles not only cross physical borders,but socioeconomic ones as well.Rich and poor famers,students or government officers all can afford to slurp up the same meal."The price varies from one place to another,but one dish usually costs between 1500 or 2500 Riel.

Traditional noodles can be eaten with Samlor Khmer(Khmer Soup)Samlor Kary(Curry) or plain with fish sauce.

According to these experts, the preparation and serving of noodles has changed little over the years.