This cello concert,as the name implies is a unique show presennted by Dr.Beat Richner-a Swiss national who is fondly refered to as Beatocello by Cambodians.Born in 1947 in zurich,he received his meddical degree in 1973 and worked as a pediatric specialist at the Zurich Children's Hospital befor he came to Cambodia in 1975 as per the request of the Red Cross to work at the Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital.Thought he was forced to return to Switzerland because of Khmer Rouge invasion,he came back to Cambodia in 1991 and founded the Kantha Bopha foundation in 1992.Started with 68 local staff and 16 foreign staff,the foundation currently employs more than 2,000 Cambodian staff and has only one expatriate staff member other than the doctor.

The foundation now operates five hospitals that render free medications and healthcare services to children in the country.They include the Jayavarman VII Hospital in Siem Reap,where Beat Richner conducts solo cello performances that are more than just a sourcce of entertainment,primarily focuse to raise funds as well as awareness of child health care in the country.Donations received,along with funding from the Cambodian goverment,Swiss government and large private Swiss donors,are solely utilized to run these hospitals that admit more than 200 children on daily basis,in addition to performing 50 surgical procedures and providing about 2,000 vaccinations.on recognizing his services for poor children,Dr. Beat Richner was awarded the titile of "Swiss of the Year in 2003"

Dr. Beat Richner's Cello Concert

Dr.Beat Richner

Every Tursday and Saturday,the conference hall of Jayavarman VII Hospital becomes the venue for Dr.Beat Richner to perform Bach on his cello.An accomplished entertainer who used to act as a singing clown in Switzerland,Beatocello however now performs as a cllist primarily to collect money for the activities of his Kantha Bopha hospitals that also include a maternity ward for HIV mothers.The performance is followed by a video,which throws light on social prejudices in the country.As part of the concert,he also speaks about his work in these hospitals and encourages audiences to generously contribute towards the mission of combating child health crisis in the country.jin addition to money,the doctor also requests young audience members to danate blood in order to maintain the Kantha Bopha Foundation's blood bank that observes the who guidelines.

Opening Hours: from 19:15 to 20:30 twice a week

Location : Located outside the city centre in Siem Reap,Jayavarma VII Hospital is easily accessible from the road to Angkor Wat.

Remarks: Entry is free though donations are encouraged.