Traditional Cambodian Weddings are intricate affairs that consist of multiple ceremonies lasting three days and three nghts.The wedding begins with the groom and his family travelling to thr bride's home bearing gifts to the bride's family as dowry.Family members and friends are introduced,and wedding rings exchanged.Customarily,three traditional songs accompany this first segment,the first song announcing the arrival of the groom and the next is on the presentation of the dowry followed by a final song to invite the elders to chew Betel Nut,an age-old Khmer tradition .Then it is the tea Ceremony ,at which the bride and groom offer tea to the spirits of their ancestors to prepare the bride and groom for their life as a married couple,their hair must then be symbolically cut to represent a fresh start to their new relationship together as husband and wife.Tlhe master of ceremony performs the first symbolic hair cut,the bride and groom's parents,relatives,and friends then take turn to symbolically cut the bride and groom's hair and give them blessing and good wishes .The final is the most memorable segment of the wedding.Family members and friends take turns to tie the bride's and groom's left and right wrists with "blessing strings".The praises and wishes of happiness,good health,success,prosperity,and long-lasting love are acknowledged and witnessed by loud sound of the gong and joyful cheers.Then,they throw palm flowers over the new couple accompanied by a traditional song.After the couple is pronounced husband and wife,the groom holds the bride's fabric into the bridal room accompaied by a traditional song .At the close of this wedding ceremony,all the guests are invited to a wedding reception accomapied by an orchestra concert.The Khmer wedding is a rowdy and joyous event

Nowadays most families reduce the three-day and three-night ritual to a one -day affair.