You get access to all of the Angkor Temples by purchasing the pass,with the exception of Phnom Kulen and Beng Mealea.There are rules,including fines and so forth,but if you keep your Angkor pass with you at all the time you needn't worry about those.

Prices and regulations


Getting the ticket
you can get your pass at the official Angkor Wat ticket booth located about 7 km from Angkor Wat

 Free pass

Since the Angkor Temples officially close at sunset,you will get a free'day' if you buy your ticket after 5:PM.So even though you get a few hours to see the temples on the day you purchase your ticket,the official day count won't begin until the next day. You can use these few extra hours however you choose,although most people use it to visit an extra Angkor temple sunset .For sunset you have at least three temples to choose from : Angkor Wat ,Phnom Bakheng and Pre Rup.

The Angkor pass

YOu'll also have to make sure that you keep your ticket in good condition.This can be a bit of a chllenge since the paper they print your pass on is not the sturdiest.A tear or a rip,they say will make your ticket invalid.

This sounds too strict,and I wonder if they really make a big deal out of a small tear.I have not tested this so l'd be interested to know if you have.