The Kingdom of Cambodia is rich in in culture and civilization ,a senior nation which held great power in South-East Asia in the past.During thoes ancient time the Kingdom was widely knownas the Norkor Phnom or Kork Thlok,Chenla and later as Angkor Empire or the Khmer Empire.Today the country is known as the Kingdom of Cambodia,occupying the South-Eastern region covering a total area of 181,035 square kilometers.

This modern Kingdom nowadays is geographically compact comprising of 20 provinces,plus 1 capital and 3 sub-capital as Sihanouk ville,Kep and Bokor,Pailin.It is bordered by Vietnam to the east,the Gulf of Thailand to the south,and Thailand to the west and Laos and Thailand to the north.Cambodia has an approximate population of 13.5 million citizens.Phnom Penh is the capital city with a population of 1.5 milion and coverage around 400 square kilometers.

The Cambodia population is 90% Khmer,with the remaider comprising of 5-10 Cham Muslim Vietnamese and other ethnic minortity groups who mainly live in northest region of the country.The official language is Khmer,part of the Mon-Khmer group of languages.Khmer is spoken by more than 90% of the population.English is widelu spoken particularly by the youner generation.French,formerly the second official language,is spoken mostly by older people.80-90 % of the population live in the rural areas and are predominately farmers.The official religion is Theravada Buddhism,which is also practiced in Laos and Thailand,Myanmar and Sir Lanka.

The official currency is Riel:Exchange rates fluctuate,1 U.S.Dollar is currently valued around the 4000 Riel mark.The Riel currency notes comes in the denominations of 100,000,50,000,20,000,10,000,5000,2000,1000,500,100 and 50.However,U.S. Dollars ar widely used and most tourist establishments will quote prices in dollars.

The climate in Cambodia is dominated by tropical monsoons and can be roughly divided into the rainy,cool and dry seasons.The rainy season extends from May to October,with average temperatures ranging from 24-33c.The cool season starts in Novembor and runs until January - temperatures are around 18-30c.The country's most important heritage treasureis Angkor Wat,located centrally in the country in Siem Reap Province.It has been described as one of the seven wonders of the world,listed by UNESCO as world heritage site.Angkor Wat is the center of a rich historical,traditional and cultural heritage.It is justifiably Cambodia's premier tourist destiation.The commercial heart of Cambodia is Phnom Penh.It is home to a thriving international and local trade sector.On the outskirts of the capital you will find numerous industrial facilities,especially garment factories.The country's international airports are situated in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.Exptensive prt and container facillties can be found in Sihanouk ville,four hours south west of the capital.

Cambodia has an extensive road system and National Routes link Phnom Penh with every Provincial towns.Most travel is by road,but boat and train links are also popular.vehicles drive on the right hand side of the road,ad in Europe and United States.

The Principle economic benefits come from the agriculture,tourism and garment manufacturing sectors:In recent year,the tourism industry has been the second largest incom generator after the garment industry.