+Bakong  (Khmer: ប្រាសាទបាគង) is the first temple mountain of sandstone consructed by rulers of the Khmer Empire at Angkor near moder in Siem Reap Cambodia.In the final decades of the 9th century AD,it served as the official state temple of King Indravarman I in the ancient city of Hariharalya,located in an area that today is called Rolous Group.

-Lolei(Khmer: ប្រាសាទលលៃ)is the northern most temple of the Rolous group of three late 9th century Hindu temples at Angkor,Cambodia,the others members of which are Preah Ko and the Bakong.Lolei was the last of three temples to be built as part of the city of Hariharalay that once flourshed at Roulous,and in 893 the Khmer King Yasovarman I dedicated it to Shiva and to members of the royal family.The name "Lolei" is thought to be a moder corruption of the ancient name "Hariharalaya"which means "the city of Harihara".Onec an island temple,Lolei was located on an island slightly north of center in the now dry Indratataka of which had nearly been completed under Yasovarman's father and predecessor Inddravarman I.Scholars believe that placing the temple on an island in the a body of water served to identufy it symgolically with Mount Meru,home of the Hindu mythology is surrouded by the world oceans.

-Peah Ko (Khmer: ប្រាសាទព្រះគោ) (The Sacred Bull was the first temple to be built in the ancient and now defunct city of Hariharalaya (in the area that today is called Roluos)some 15 kilometers south-east of the main group of temples at Angkor Cambodia.The temple was built under the Khmer King Indravarman I in 879 to honor members of th King's family,whom it place in relation with the deity Shiva.